City of Ubenmoor
Ubenmoor within Lashardia
Country Lashardia Lashardia
Subdivisions 17 districts
Population 2,142,857 (2015 estimate)
Type Mayor-Council
Mayor Asha Kletsövandich (since 2011)

Ubenmoor is the capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Lashardia. It is located in the center of the country, and does not belong to a province, despite previously belonging to the Ubenmoor District. As of a 2015 estimate, the population of the city was 2,142,857.

The city was first constructed in the tenth century due to the quickly increasing Lashardian population during the era of the Kingdom of Titova. The name "Ubenmoor" was first mentioned in a 909 document detailing the construction of the city. Upon Lashardia's independence in 1899, the city was declared the nation's capital.

Ubenmoor has special status in Lashardia, and does not belong to a province, instead forming the Ubenmoor Capital District, in addition to its surrounding suburbs. The city is separated into 17 districts, each with their own distinct culture.

Ubenmoor is known as the social, economic, and political hub of Lashardia, having the greatest economy and human development of the cities of Lashardia, while also containing some of the most celebrated educational institutions in the nation and all of Asmatys.





Ubenmoor is the largest city in Lashardia by population and the second-largest by area, with an estimated population of 1,142,857 in 2015. Ubenmoor is also home to the majority of Lashardia's immigrant population, with 77% of non-native Lashardians residing in the capital.

The Ubenmoor metropolitan area has a population of about 3,725,338 as of 2015, as it includes the surrounding towns in Ubenmoor District.

The majority of the city's population are Lashardians, consisting of 94% of the population as of the 2010 census. The rest of the city largely consisted of mixed people and immigrants from Pesa, Consensum, Adoriam, or other neighboring nations.

Ubenmoor is rather irreligious compared to the Lashardian national averages. According to the 2010 census, 32% of Ubenmoor residents declared themselves as Lashardian Orthodox Christians, 8% as Muslim, 59% as unaffiliated, and 1% as other religions.

City districtsEdit


The 17 districts of Ubenmoor.


The four groupings of the districts:
     North Ubenmoor
     South Ubenmoor
     East Ubenmoor
     West Ubenmoor

Since 14 January 2001, the city has been divided into 17 districts. The districts are diverse, with districts like Hoffmann and Morgana containing some of the wealthiest families and most expensive property in the country, while districts like Sestre and Ric contain some of the most poverty in the nation. The districts are grouped as North Ubenmoor, South Ubenmoor, East Ubenmoor, and West Ubenmoor.

No. District Population
(est. 2015)
1 Ric 61,381
2 Kleisman 79,294
3 Morgana 2,193
4 Sestre 184,924
5 Elsker 94,265
6 Vitcherch 13,215
7 Hoole 26,392
8 Flastland 15,340
9 Jorden 185,213
10 Dragonstone 25,924
11 Deidra 51,094
12 Post 43,032
13 Lava Ubenmoor – Flast 252,269
14 Lava Ubenmoor – Nica 279,103
15 Breż 79,256
16 Tenichi 648,120
17 Hoffmann 1,842


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