The Federal Republic of Consensum
(and largest city)
Official languages Consensuminian
Ethnic groups –95% Consensuminian
–3% Mixed
–2% Others
Demonym Consensumite
Government Federal Republic
Leaders –President: Salomo von Weiß (since 2010)
Independence –2 March 1910 (from Kingdom of Titova)

–14 October 1911 (constitution ratified)

Population 14,781,382 (estimate as of January 2016)
Currency Union Coin

Consensum, officially the Federal Republic of Consensum, is a landlocked country in central Asmatys. Covering an area of 42,855 square miles, Consensum neighbors Sodrax to the north, Zakharia to the south, Lashardia to the east, Populus Poetarum to the west, and borders the Asmatic sea. As of December 2015, Consensum has 14.8 million inhabitants.

Consensum is a federal republic, established in 1910. The capital city is Concord, and the official language is English. Consensum is a federal state, comprised of thirteen states and a federal district.

Indigenous people of Consensum are known as Consensumites. Consensuminian is an Asmatic language, and a member of the Titovic language family. Historically, Consensumites belong to the no form of church and the majority of Consensumites are nonreligious.

The Federal Republic of Consensum was founded on 2 March 1910, soon after the breakup of the Kingdom of Titova. The breakup was instigated by the secession of Zakharia in 1890, which led the kingdom to errupt in war. After nine years of battle against Zakharian forces, Titova was defeated and broken up into smaller nations.

Consensum is a member of the Asmatic Union. It is ranked seventh in Asmatys on the Human Development Index. Its currency is the Union Coin. 

Geography Edit

Consensum is landlocked and located in central-eastern Asmatys. The nation borders Sodrax, Zakharia, and Populus Poetarum.

Climate Edit

Consensum can experience a balanced climate depending on the region of the country. In the east, and more so in the southeast, its largely temperate, while the west experiences all four seasons. In the east, rainfall occurs year round and there's no real dry season. Winters are mild and can exceed 23C (73F), summers are hot and humid and can go beyond 30C (80F). The weather's very different in the west. All four seasons are experienced about equally Winter starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March. Winter temperatures range between -6C (20F) to 4C (40F). Summer begins in mid-June and lasts until mid-September, averaging 35C (95F) in the east and 29C (85F) in the west.

Environment Edit

The Consensuminian environment is diverse between the two main regions. About 35% of Consensum's land is deciduous forests. Most of the forests are found in the Northeast states of Unanim and Concur. In the west, there's much less forest and it's mostly fields, hills, and beaches. The east is more urbanized than the west, though the west is more pleasing to tourists for its beaches. Due to Consensum's eco-friendliness, there's far more towns and there's only one recognized city per region. After undoing its car ban on December 14th of 2015, Consensum has focused on cleaner energy sources to use for cars in place of fossil fuels. Consensum has a reputation of keeping its environment remarkably clean, ranking first in Asmatys on cleanest environment using the Dolphin Recycling Awareness Index.